All 14 Paul Seydor Movies In Order — All The Best (And Worst) Films To Watch Online

Willie Coleman
6 min readMay 22, 2024


Get ready for an exhilarating journey through the world of cinema with our latest roundup article, “Paul Seydor Movies”. Delve into the captivating works of this talented director, as we explore each one in detail and offer our insights. Join us in this cinematic adventure and discover the magic of Paul Seydor’s movies!

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1. Under Fire (1983)


In “Under Fire”, set in 1979, a passionate love triangle unfolds among three journalists who navigate the complexities of political intrigue during the final days of the corrupt Somoza regime in Nicaragua. As tensions soar, they find themselves ensnared in a dangerous game of deception and courage.

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2. The Last Innocent Man (1987)


“The Last Innocent Man, “ directed by Roger Spottiswoode and released in 1987, is a chilling thriller starring Ed Harris, Roxanne Hart, and David Suchet. When Harry, a weary attorney, quits his job after successfully defending too many murderers, he finds himself drawn into the dark world of Jenny, a distraught woman seeking his help to defend her allegedly-murderous husband.

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3. White Men Can’t Jump (1992)


“White Men Can’t Jump, “ a hilarious 1992 comedy-sport flick directed by Ron Shelton, weaves together the lives of street basketball hustlers and their intense competitive spirit. Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson brilliantly portray the complexities of the urban underworld with their black and white protagonists, Sidney and Billy respectively. The film is set amidst a backdrop of tension, rivalry, and camaraderie, driven by their joint quest for money, fame, and the ultimate basketball tournament.

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4. The Program (1993)


“The Program” is a compelling drama released in 1993, directed by David S. Ward and written by David S. Ward and Aaron Latham.

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5. Tin Cup (1996)


Tin Cup is a riveting comedy-drama directed by Ron Shelton that follows Roy McAvoy, a down-on-his-luck golf pro, as he battles against the odds to secure a spot in the prestigious U. S. Open tournament. This intense quest becomes more than just a chance to rekindle his professional dreams — it’s a race against time to capture the heart of a woman who’s dating his rival.

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6. Play It to the Bone (1999)


In the movie “Play It to the Bone,” two experienced middleweight fighters, Shawn and Michael, played by Woody Harrelson and Antonio Banderas respectively, embark on an unexpected journey to Las Vegas. Originally close friends and shared-practice partners, they are now face-to-face in a ring unlike any other, navigating the swift Las Vegas setting and confronting unanticipated trials within their friendship. As they lock horns for the first time against each other, their loyalty and the essence of their bond are put to the test.

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7. Passing Glory (1999)


Passing Glory, an enlightening drama from 1999, follows an exceptionally skilled all-black high school basketball team as they strive for victory against the top all-white team in 1960s New Orleans. Set against the backdrop of the civil rights era, this moving film highlights the struggle for equality through sports. Directed by Steve James and written by Harold Sylvester, Passing Glory stars notable actors such as Andre Braugher, Rip Torn, and Sean Squire.

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8. The Day Reagan Was Shot (2001)


“The Day Reagan Was Shot” is a riveting dramatization that delves into the true events that took place on March 30, 1981. This captivating film, released in 2001, narrates the chilling circumstances involving John Hinckley Jr., a deceived individual, who attempted to assassinate the then President, Ronald Reagan.

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9. The Third Wheel (2002)


“The Third Wheel” is a charming comedy-romance delighting in awkwardness, and it’s not afraid to push the limits of social decorum. The hilarity starts when a man accidentally hits a homeless person with his car, and the unfortunate situation spills into an unforgettable romantic adventure.

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10. Hollywood Homicide (2003)


“Hollywood Homicide” is an exciting and humorous crime drama set in the city of dreams, Hollywood. Directed by Ron Shelton, this film stars Harrison Ford, Josh Hartnett, and Isaiah Washington as two LAPD detectives who find themselves entangled in the murder investigation of an up-and-coming rap group. As they delve further into the case, these dedicated law enforcement officers uncover secrets and dangerous schemes that threaten to shake the foundation of the bustling entertainment industry.

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11. Guess Who (2005)


“Guess Who” is a delightful mix of comedy and romance set in the world of interracial relationships. Released in 2005, the film stars Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac, alongside Zoe Saldana. Directed by William Rose, the movie unfolds as Theresa (Saldana) brings her boyfriend, Simon (Kutcher), home to meet her parents, only for them to discover a shocking twist: Simon is white. As they navigate the challenges of their relationship, Theresa’s parents must grapple with their prejudices against Simon, while simultaneously dealing with their daughter’s surprise engagement.

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12. Because I Said So (2007)


Because I Said So (2007) is a delightful comedy-romance film that follows the story of a meddling mother who wants the best for her daughter. Diane Keaton plays the role of the mother, who plans a romantic meet-cute for her daughter, portrayed by Mandy Moore. The film explores the tumultuous journey of finding love and the impact of interfering loved ones.

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13. This Christmas (2007)


Experience the emotional rollercoaster of a holiday drama by watching “This Christmas,” a heartwarming film that reunites the Whitfield family after four years apart. Underneath the jovial atmosphere, underlying tensions and concealed truths surface, unraveling the complexities of family dynamics. The plot delves into the intricacies of relationships amidst divorce, disloyal spouses, and the arduous process of rebuilding trust. As the family converges at their ancestral estate, they face their pasts and traverse the present, striving to create a brighter future together.

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14. Just Getting Started (2017)


Just Getting Started is a light-hearted comedy-crime film released in 2017, featuring an ensemble cast that includes Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones. The story revolves around two unlikely protagonists — an ex-F. B. I.

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